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towing service Lynchburg VACampbell County, Virginia, located in the Blue Ridge Mountain’s rolling foothills, embodies a balanced and rich combination of practical living, natural beauty, community spirit, cultural heritage, and future vision.


Those elements combine with a dedication to quality of life for all Campbell County residents, a solid work ethic, excellence in education, strong family values, and responsible fiscal planning.


towing company in LynchburgWhether you are a resident or simply passing through, sometimes you might be involved in an automobile accident or your vehicle might break down, and leave you stuck by the side of the road. There’s no need to panic!  Campbell County Towing Service is always standing by to rescue you when cases like that happen.


Let’s look at the other useful services that Campbell County Towing Service offers:


Towing in Campbell County, VA


towing service Lynchburg VirginiaWhen you are on the road, the unexpected can occur at any point. Whether it is a breakdown, accident, or service needed, in our more than 10 years serving Campbell County, VA, we have seen it all and have pretty much had to tow it all! Our fleet of more than 50 vehicle transport and towing units are equipped 24/7 to meet all of your needs.


Light-Duty Towing Services


With more than 50 vehicle transport and towing units, Campbell County Towing Service is equipped to provide you with the most reliable and fastest help in this difficult time. 


  • Equipmenttowing company in Lynchburg VA
  • Travel Trailers
  • Motorcycles
  • Exotic Cars
  • Classic Cars
  • Motor Clubs
  • Breakdowns
  • Accidents


Medium-Duty/Heavy-Duty Towing Services


Different sized payloads are going to require different sized trucks that have higher options of capacity. From medium tow trucks (16-ton to 20-ton), as well as heavy tow trucks (35-ton to 75-ton) to our rotators with cutting-edge capabilities, our team has whatever is necessary to get the task done. 


  • Motor Coachestow truck Lynchburg Virginia
  • Tractor Trailers
  • Breakdowns
  • Pull Starts
  • Accidents


Roadside Assistance in Campbell County, VA


tow truck LynchburgAll of us have been there. You experience an unexpected vehicle breakdown and you aren’t sure how you can go about getting back on the road. When that occurs, help is simply a phone call away.


At Campbell County Towing Service, we’ll go that extra mile to make sure that your circumstances are remedied as swiftly as possible. From something as simplistic as changing a flat tire, jumping a battery, or delivering fuel to towing a vehicle to the closest repair shop, Campbell County Towing Service will help. 


  • Jump Starts
  • Lockouts
  • Light-Duty Tire Changes (with the customer’s working spare)
  • Light-Duty Gas Delivery (non-diesel fuel)
  • Dolly Service
  • Battery Replacement
  • Battery Boost 


Motorcycle Towing in Campbell County, VA

towing company Lynchburg

If you have any issue that makes you need to pull over, do not simply sit there and wonder what you should do. Call Campbell County Towing Service and we’ll arrive promptly, around the clock! At    Campbell County Towing Service we’re able to tow virtually anything, which includes motorcycles. Towing a motorbike presents special challenges and will require equipment specially designed for motorcycle transport. Our techs have experience and training in unloading, loading, and towing motorcycles. Even minor motorcycle damage may be costly to repair, which is the reason why we’ll take a lot of care in getting your motorbike where it has to go rapidly and in the exact same condition we received it. We’ll treat your motorbike like our own! 


Long Distance Towing in Campbell County, VA 

towing service in Lynchburg Virginia

On occasion, you have to tow a car across the state or to another town. Our long-distance tow services are perfect when you sell an automobile to somebody out of town, break down within another location and have to get your car back home, or need to transport two vehicles but only have a single driver. Our flatbed trucks keep your car secure and safe for the whole ride so there isn’t any undue stress placed on the axles or tires from any usual methods of towing.


Junk Car Removal in Campbell County, VA


Receive cash on the spot for your junk car, and we’ll even deal with the removal of the car. Call us right away to get an estimate and tow away scheduled!


Campbell County Towing Service makes selling your car easy and fast in four convenient steps:

towing service of Lynchburg VA

  1. Receive a quote using our convenient form 
  2. Accept the offer
  3. Arrange a complimentary tow
  4. Receive cash


For more information on any of the above services, please feel free to get in touch with Campbell County Towing Service in Campbell County, VA right away for all of your tow truck service, roadside assistance, and specialty towing needs. All of the above services are rendered around the clock and we accept all major credit cards.

Campbell County Towing Service