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towing service LynchburgSituated just twelve miles outside Lynchburg, the rural area of Forest, Virginia, provides a natural setting for its community of residents. Houses are affordable, which makes Forest a highly sought-after location for people wanting to avoid the stress and noise of city living. Because of this, their population is growing gradually but steadily.


Even though a small area, its residents are sometimes stranded by the side of the road or highway and THINK they have nowhere to turn. They can THINK AGAIN because Forest Towing Service is always there to bail them out when they need towing services or roadside assistance. Let’s look at the other superior services that Forest Towing Service offers:


Towing in Forest, VA

towing service Lynchburg Virginia

There are several reasons why you may need the services of a tow truck. And when you call upon the services of Forest Towing Service, it is possible that we’ll use one of our trucks for a lot more than vehicle breakdowns. With the proper equipment, our tow trucks will bring your vehicle home, get an automobile out of a ditch, or help out a tipped-over semi-truck. As the biggest tow truck company in Forest, VA, we are prepared for all of these situations and a lot more! With a fleet of more than 20 trucks out there on the roads, we have multiple trucks of every size, and our specialized vehicles are also prepared to help!


Our light-duty trucks are what we will frequently be sending out if you call for towing services. Those trucks are easily able to hook and lift standard cars. Generally, hooking up to a light-duty truck will just take a couple of minutes; therefore, we’re able to promptly get you back to your home.

towing service Lynchburg VA

If you find yourself under more unusual circumstances, a medium-duty truck is more than likely what you will see. Those trucks are frequently utilized for vehicles that are in a ditch or off the road. They have the ability to tow almost any type of residential vehicle and a lot of different commercial ones, too.


Medium-duty trucks are sufficient for the majority of jobs, but heavy-duty trucks are occasionally needed. With 60-ton crane systems, our heavy-duty trucks are able to deal with all things from righting a full semi-truck back on its wheels once again to underwater recovery.


Roadside Assistance in Forest, VA

towing service in Lynchburg Virginia

You may occasionally become stuck on the roadside without having a wreck or being in an accident. It might be that the needle traveled a bit too far under the “E” empty. It might be because the tires on your car with 5 percent tread finally gave out. Or it might be that you accidentally forgot to turn off your lights and cannot find anyone to offer you a jumpstart. Whatever your reason, when you’re in need of roadside assistance, contact the friendly team at Forest Towing Service. Using our high-quality customer service, we will promptly reach you and help you with whatever issues you are experiencing so you can get back on your way! Our roadside assistance services include:


  • Lockouts
  • Accident recovery
  • 24/7 emergency 
  • Gas delivery 
  • Jump starts
  • Tire changes


Motorcycle Towing in Forest, VA

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Allow our highly trained staff to securely and safely transport your motorbike with our customized motorbike trailers from Forest Towing Service.  Our customized trailers allow for safe unloading and loading of your motorcycle.


Do not trust just any tow truck company with a car or truck trailer to attempt to transport your valuable cargo.


Use the best tow truck company in the industry and allow our team to treat your motorcycle like it’s our own!


Long Distance Towing in Forest, VA

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On the lookout to move and require a trustworthy long-distance tow truck service to transport your car(s)?


Maybe you are moving locations for job reasons, or perhaps you have a sports car and do not wish to place any value-killing miles on it to get it over to a car show.


Forest Towing Service in Forest, VA has the experience and equipment needed to securely transport your car or truck with our long-distance tow truck service, and for a rate that’s surprisingly affordable.


Junk Car Removal in Forest, VA

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Forest Towing Service in Forest, VA offers a convenient way to get your junk truck or car picked up and get paid. If your truck, car, or sports utility vehicle does not run, is damaged, wrecked, or simply costs more than it is worth to have it repaired, we can help. It is possible to have your vehicle removed free of charge and you’ll be paid handsomely in the process.


For more information on any of the above services, please feel free to get in touch with Forest Towing Service in Forest, VA right away for all of your tow truck service and roadside assistance, and specialty towing needs. All of the above services are rendered around the clock and we accept all major credit cards.

Forest Towing Service