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towing service in LynchburgLong-distance towing involves the transport of an automobile to a distance of more than 100 miles. With long-distance vehicle towing services you’re talking about car transport or shipping an automobile, either inoperable or operable, typically from one state or city to another. Long-distance towing usually costs as high as $1 per mile for anything less than 500 miles and for as little as $.40 cents per mile for lengthier towing hauls.


With long-distance towing, cars get loaded onto a carrier. The auto carrier is typically more than 25 to 75 feet in length and carries up to two car levels. Lynchburg Tow Truck handles long-distance tows that may be cross country or to the next town. We’ll work with local operators within our qualified carrier network. Lynchburg Tow Truck is a nationwide car transporter.


towing company Lynchburg VARates for long-distance hauls get calculated with a standard sedan traveling from/to major cities for every location listed and may vary $100+/- depending upon multiple factors that include time of year, weather, suburban or urban location, distance from highways, and current costs of gasoline.


We’ll provide everything in writing. Be assured that your car will be in safe hands, as you’re hiring a trustworthy company that’s bonded, insured, and licensed.


towing service in Lynchburg VirginiaLynchburg Tow Truck provides long-distance towing all throughout the United States. The service is nationwide and we’ll conveniently ship vehicles door-to-door. Because of our high volume, we’re always able to offer the most affordable rates. Ship your car to anywhere, from anywhere securely and safely with Lynchburg Tow Truck.


Lynchburg Tow Truck is a premiere long-distance tower in Lynchburg, VA. Our team provides affordable, safe, and dependable long-distance towing in Lynchburg, VA.


When you pick Lynchburg Tow Truck for your long-distance towing needs, we will pick up your car and deliver it quickly, safely, and in a timely manner to your desired destination. With the use of a flatbed tow truck, we’ll tow trucks, SUVs, cars, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), farm equipment, motorcycles, trailers, tractors, heavy-duty vehicles, and much more. Even better, we provide our broad array of long-distance towing solutions at a reasonable price to you.


5 Reasons You Might Need Lynchburg, VA Long-Distance Towing


There are numerous reasons you might need long-distance flatbed towing from Lynchburg Tow Truck. These are 5 of the most popular reasons for long-distance tows:

towing company in Lynchburg VA

  • Truck, tractor, ATV, SUV, and Motorcycle transportation
  • Vehicle breakdown and accident transportation
  • Unregistered car transportation
  • Scrap car or junk car transportation
  • Antique and classic auto transportation


24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance in Lynchburg, VA


Besides our long-distance tow truck services, we also offer these 24-hour emergency roadside assistance services:

tow truck Lynchburg VA

  • Glass repairs
  • Winch-outs
  • Lockout assistance
  • Flat-tire changes
  • Vehicle breakdown repair service
  • Oil, antifreeze, and fuel delivery
  • Battery change and jumpstarts


For more details, please feel free to get in touch with Lynchburg Tow Truck in Lynchburg, VA for all of your tow truck, long-distance towing service, and roadside assistance needs. Services are rendered 24/7 and we accept all major credit cards.

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