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towing service Lynchburg VirginiaWhen needing a tow, the majority of people could simply call a local tow truck business. What many drivers do not know is that there are various kinds of towing services and the tow truck company needs to know what type of truck to send out to your location.


Generally, tow trucks are categorized as “light-duty,” “medium-duty,” and “heavy-duty,” depending upon how much weight they’re able to carry. Whether you will require light-duty, medium-duty, or heavy-duty towing is going to depend upon factors like size, distance, vehicle condition, or services required.


Light-Duty Towing

Lynchburg Tow Truck Lynchburg VA

This type of towing covers the majority of standard tow truck routines requiring standard tow operators and trucks. Typically, light-duty tow trucks weigh from 8,500 to 10,000 pounds and are able to handle small-to-mid-sized towing tasks like accident recovery, private vehicle towing, towing abandoned vehicles, and traffic collisions.


Most light-duty trucks have a winch and cable system for efficient towing. Also, some use the dolly towing method, which involves adding an extra dolly, serving as a truck extension. However, as compared with heavy-duty trucks, light-duty trucks have much less complex equipment and tools and are a lot easier to operate.


Medium-Duty Towing


If maneuverability is critical, medium-duty trucks are your best bet—and service a broad variety of vehicles, which includes:


  • Big ball hitch trailersLynchburg Towing Service
  • Cut-away vehicles, which include delivery trucks, shuttles, as well as buses
  • Utility truck, box truck, one-ton vehicle
  • Commercial breakdown assistance
  • RV or camper towing
  • A Class C motor home
  • Delivery truck tows, like walk-ins or bread trucks 
  • Small fleet vehicle tows, like UPS or FedEx 


Heavy-Duty Towing


towing company in LynchburgCommercial vehicles such as trailer trucks, construction equipment, dump trucks, and garbage trucks are better towed by a truck that has a heavy-duty capacity. Heavy-duty trucks weigh a minimum of 26,000 pounds and must be able to easily tow/carry huge vehicles.


Out of the vehicle categories, heavy-duty trucks carry the most advanced equipment (like a winch, 6-ton wheel lift, and a 25-ton boom), which allows them to deal with the biggest towing tasks. In addition, these trucks are expected to pack a lot of horsepower and torque.


Because of the complex nature of heavy-duty trucks, they’ll require operators who have extensive knowledge of heavy engines and certain tactics for towing large vehicles.


What Is the Importance of Weight in Terms of Towing?

tow truck LynchburgA vehicle’s weight is key in determining whether a light-duty, medium-duty, or heavy-duty truck is needed.


A light-duty tow truck isn’t ideal for long-distance towing and isn’t able to move items or vehicles that obviously call for heavy-duty tows. In contrast, utilizing a heavy-duty tow truck to transport a compact car would be more expensive and inefficient. In addition, employing the wrong kind of tow truck might damage the vehicle’s transmission and additional parts.


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